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Exemplifying Excellence through Sustainable Service


“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do." 

-Jana Stanfield

The Gamma Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is excited about our 2018-2022 International Program, “Exemplifying Excellence through Sustainable Service.”

We hit the grown running in 2018 and took advantage of opportunities to advance our mission and deliver signature service in five target areas:


  1. HBCU for Life: A Call to Action

  2. Women's Healthcare and Wellness

  3. Building Your Economic Legacy

  4. The Arts!

  5. Global Impact


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, with a membership of approximately 300,000 members, will continue to let our light shine in our communities as we carry out these initiatives, which include International Community Impact Days and our signature enrichment program, College Admissions Process℠ (referred to as #CAP℠).

Target 1: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action

Members will focus on education with an emphasis on historically black colleges and universities by promoting and marketing HBCUs as a sustainability measure. Through the AKA HBCU Endowment Intitiative with EAF, there will be an endowed scholarship at each HBCU. The signature program #CAP℠ will assist students through the college application process.

Target 2: Women's Healthcare and Wellness

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will raise awareness to critical health challenges among African American women. Primarily focusing on breast cancer awareness and prevention, heart health, nutrition and wellness, and care for the caregivers. Alpha Kappa Alpha will own a digital AKA Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit that will travel to various locations and provide mammogram screening. We will remain focused on heart health through fitness and physical activity. 

Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy

Alpha Kappa Alpha will place emphasis on financial planning, asset accumulation, and wealth building including savings and investments, managing debt, and improving credit. Operation AKA Assist will focus on programs that meet the need of various communities directing attention to the homeless. 


Target 4: The Arts! 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will expose students to arts enrichment and culture by focusing on visual and performing arts and by showcasing talent through the exploration of writers, entertainers, and various other artists. There will be a salute and celebration of black African-American artists  from the Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movement. 

Target 5: Global Impact

Sorority members will implement programs designed to enhance Alpha Kappa Alpha's global footprint. We will continue to partner with organizations like Soles 4 Souls and Lions Club International to support that effort. Our pillowcase project efforts will now expand to reach boys by providing clothing to Haiti. Refugees in America Assistance Program (RAAP) will help support refugees of color here in the United States through literacy classes, educational training, and other transitional support. 

Community Impact Days


Alpha Kappa Alpha members will implement International Community Service Days annually  to highlight the organization’s collective impact in program target areas:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 

Reactivation Day

Pink Goes Red for Heart Health Day 

International Day of Prayer 

HBCU Week 

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

AKA Caregivers' Day of Observance

National Global Impact Day

Youth Leadership 

Since its inception, in 1949, the Gamma Xi Omega Chapter has annually sponsored a Youth Leadership Program. This program has influenced the lives of many young ladies as they prepare themselves to enter society and has helped them to become confident and successful women in a global marketplace. In addition to focusing on higher order thinking and life skills, the program provides focus in the area of self-awareness, personal productivity, and success in higher education.

Pictured above: 1949 Debutantes 

Pictured above: 2019      

Youth Leadership 

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